How to Makeup Your Lips

How to Makeup Your Lips

Reveal the beauty of your lips

Lips define a woman’s beauty. See basic technique of how you can achieve fuller and more beautiful lips.



1:  Shape the lips with a lip liner

Draw the shape of your lips using the lip liner. Shape the lips and corners of your mouth for greater definition. For a fuller look, draw slightly outside the actual lip line.

Since lips are prone to dryness, moisturize with lip essence for best results




2: Color your lips with elegance

Take plenty of lipstick on the lip brush and apply to the lower lip, starting from the center. When the lower lip is finished, apply the lipstick to the upper lip. For a beautiful finish at the corners of the lips, use the side edge of the brush. Use a mirror to check your lips from the front and the side to ensure that there is no smudging.

For longer lasting results, blot the lips using a tissue paper to blend the color into your lips.



3: Add a dewy, glossy look to your lips

Apply a layer of lip gloss to add a moist sheen to your lips, giving them extra fullness. To emphasize the fullness of your lips, apply the gloss only to the center of the lips. The light will reflect off this part of your lips, accentuating their full shape.


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